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Birth control pills and muscle strength, what is the incidence?
Birth control pills systematically control the concentration of endogenous sex hormones and also reduce the natural production of estrogens and progestogen by inhibiting the release of gonadotrophins, thereby preventing ovulation and in turn, pregnancy. They regulate the variability of period length and provide a 28-day cycle for the user. It is estimated that in today's athletic community, there is the same percentage of women who use birth control pills as in the non-athlete community. Due to the knowledge that male anabolic hormones [testosterone] have a pronounced effect on muscle size and strength, it might be thought that female sex hormones would have the same effect. However, this has been shown not to be the case with several studies showing that there is no significant difference in muscle strength. Female sex hormones have been reported to have an impact on physical performance and the risk of musculoskeletal injury. Significant variations in knee joint 

1 Muscle Building Pills laxity, neuromuscular coordination, and postural control have been demonstrated during the menstrual cycle (Lefevre, 2013; Zazulak, 2006). (Lefevre, 2013). Remember that androgens are a natural compound for both men and women, which control the sexual characteristics of each person, as well as have different effects on the levels of different hormones. Estrogen has been indicated to have an anabolic effect and progesterone to have a catabolic effect on muscle strength, where Reis found that despite wide inter-individual variability, all women showed superior strength adaptations through training tailored to the menstrual cycle . She also found significant correlations between different strength parameters and estradiol accumulation.